That is entirely up to you. Talking is generally not encouraged as it distracts one from the enjoyment of touch therapy and the various sensations brought on by the different massage techniques used during a session.
However, communication is very important when relaying feedback to your therapist in terms of the depth of pressure, sore spots or strokes you are particularly enjoying.

Yes and no. For most massage styles, our therapists make use of long, flowing strokes which are most effective when performed in an unrestricted manner with the client completely undressed. This is especially relevant in treatments such as Manual Lymph Drainage and Lomi Lomi Massage where it is necessary for the therapist to work over the full length of the body without any barriers to the strokes of the Full Body Massage. You will however be draped with a towel during the massage and only the area being worked on will be exposed. However, if you are not comfortable being completely undressed, you may keep your underwear on for peace of mind. Our therapists are 100% professional so do take the utmost care in protecting your modesty at all times. Kindly consult your specific therapist before your session begins to discuss your comfort levels.

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If you are a woman, yes we do offer the option a Private In-House Studio, Exclusively for Ladies.

The studio is based in Upper Glenwood, near UKZN/Howard College and is run by our senior and most skilled therapist, who only sees one client at a time, and strictly by appointment only! Studio times: 8am to 8pm daily.

Call our main line on 072 150 1450 to make your booking.

Our therapists carry along portable massage beds which provide you with the correct support for your spine and enhance your comfort during the rendering of a professional massage in the convenience of your chosen venue.

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Because the entire body carries stress & tension, our therapists do endeavor to be as thorough as possible within the confines of professional boundaries. All massage is done in a purely therapeutic manner with the client's best interest & wellness benefits of the particular massage in mind. Certain techniques do entail massage being performed over areas that are regarded as taboo in general massage practice but your therapist does talk you through these techniques & the reasons behind them before your session. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you feel necessary in order to gain clarity on the purpose behind any massage. If you are not comfortable, please inform the therapist of this beforehand. He/she will not be offended.
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No, our therapists carry these along with them. Should you wish to make use of your own towels, this is perfectly okay.