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Because Healthy Happy staff are more productive

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The cumulative effects of the emotional & physical stress build over a period of time until a breaking point is reached.

Indeed the stressful, static & sedentary work of the corporate employee is the silent killer of employee productivity

& thereby corporate profitability.

By providing your staff with regular massage therapy through our corporate massage therapy programs, we are able to effectively relieve your staff from the burden of their aches & pains so that they are able to focus more clearly on their jobs.

Helping your staff lead more productive workdays means that they carry less of the office home with them and are more likely to lead more harmonious personal lives as well.

Office bound occupations are also physically stressful due to the harmful effects of repetitive motions coupled with a sedentary desk job. At the very least these lead to reduced work performance and at their worst, they are debilitating.
Given today's insanely fast-paced & highly stressful corporate work environment, companies & their employees can benefit greatly from implementing a regular in-house corporate massage therapy program.

In today's corporate environment, emotional stress is the basis for the majority of costly absenteeism, a major factor that directly affects a company's productivity. With emotional & physical health issues an eventuality in any business, it becomes apparent that overlooking employee health care can result in greater turnover hardship and financial burden for all involved.

Corporate Massage

How will Corporate Massage
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