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The special techniques used during cellulite massage help break down fatty deposits and get rid of toxins stored in the cells. Most importantly, because massage improves the flow of blood & lymph in the cellulite-affected areas, it allows the fat & toxins that are released during the massage to be transported away from these areas. The clearing of these obstacles then allows the much-needed nutrients to flow freely into these areas so that they nourish the cells & tissue there.

Professional Cellulite Massage can improve the appearance of your skin...

The key to reducing and fighting cellulite is to detoxify the body with a combination of exercise, a healthy diet, stress/tension reduction and proper circulation. 

Massage not only soothes & nourishes, it also assists in fighting and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Massage helps restore the body's natural tendencies by manipulating the muscles, and stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems that break down fatty tissue. Massage targets areas that are difficult to stimulate with normal exercise (such as the inner knee and upper thigh areas).

Why does your body accumulate fat?

Fat is designed to insulate the body, provide padding and store energy. There are many reasons that your body accumulates fat. Improper diet, lack of exercise & hormonal changes are usually the main cause of fat storage & the accumulation of cellulite. During the aging process skin loses thickness & tone between the connective tissue in the subcutaneous (fat layer) & the dermis. As a result, flaccid cellulite forms more easily as we age.

Cellulite is also not related to diet and vegetarian or vegan women are as likely to suffer from it.

Whilst cellulite is particularly common in the overweight, such that it is often seen as having an unflattering connection to obesity,

it is not necessary to be overweight for cellulite to occur.

Cellulite can also commonly be found in women who are seen to have ideal weights & figures as well as female athletes,

who many believe are not affected. Cellulite can also be found in men, although its occurrence is rather rare.

Generally it is found in men that have had some severe hormonal change.

Cellulite Massage

Say "goodbye" to Cellulite

Fat is contained in living cells, aptly called fat cells, which are held together by strands of fibrous tissue, called septae.

As water is retained, fat cells held within the perimeters of this area expand and stretch the connective tissue. Eventually this connective tissue contracts and hardens holding the skin at a non-flexible length, while the surrounding tissue expands with weight or water gain. 

The result is that certain areas of skin are held down while other sections bulge outwards thereby creating a lumpy,

uneven appearance.

Skin is composed of three different layers: the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer (fat layer).

The epidermis is the thin, outer layer of skin that protects your body.

The next layer is the dermis, which is a thick layer of fibrous and elastic tissue. 

This gives your skin flexibility and strength. 

The final layer is the fat layer, also known as the subcutaneous layer.  

How Cellulite Develops

Cellulite is an extremely common condition, which affects an estimated 90% of all post pubertal women.

The formation of cellulite is not linked to race, weight or body shape and whilst girls of pre-pubertal age are not affected, any woman over this age is likely to be; with the formation and appearance worsening, as they grow older.

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